I am an Australian Artist. I specialize in animating raw artist materials. I exhibit the short film alongside the finished artwork - be it a drawing, painting, mosaic.


My short films include Kettwig 500 years in 50 seconds - the Altstadt streetscape comes alive with figures from 30 years war to the present; Schweine - a pig turns into a skipping rope then is grilled. Mozaik- various stories, including Jaegermeister, come to life in colorful glass tiles.
As UpH is an interactive forum. I propose a project - People of Essen - where I do interactive portraits of people I meet - combining drawing, painting, stencils. Also, I might like to hang out the front and do portrait sketches for fun.

(Please note, the paintings on the website are 2 years old) Please look at videos to get an idea of new work.

Verantwortlich: Firman-Steven

Weitere Bilder und Dateien


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