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Habaq Society

The Idea of the society emerged when we realized
that there is a need to create a network for start-up
artists and link them with the industry.


Today, there are numerous young Arab artists, all over the world, who are experimenting with the contemporary/alternative art scene, rather than the traditional. Having been exposed to the traditional Arab art and culture, with its rich history and conflicting present, we view a creative future.
The contemporary Arab art scene is yet to be invested in, let alone, discovered internationally. Habaq Society aims to fill that gap and provide those Arab artists with what they need to express freely and reach new potentials, while exposing their works internationally, and providing the right opportunities for each artist.
On the bigger scale, we believe, as much research has shown, the importance of art and its role as a tool for peace building, whether through creating art, or exposure to art.
Our team of experienced professionals, and our growing society of creative artists, truly believe in the power of art and its ability to simplify communication, elevate experience, engage and inspire people everywhere.

Verantwortlich: Azzam -Kais

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