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"Breakfast at 9:00 p.m.? Dinner at 4:00 p.m. with business friends? Table tennis after the meal? WiFi while you eat? Have a meal in the restaurant with that colleague who always brings his own brown bag? No problem in the Unperfecthouse!"
(Reinhard Wiesemann, founder of the Unperfecthouse)

Business and private parties can reserve an undisturbed room for your meal or meeting!

Absolute Freedom...

Eat & drink as much as you like, the whole day long, until 11pm and including beer & wine. Leave the Unperfecthouse as long and as often as you like to go shopping, enjoy a movie at the nearby cinema or for sightseeing. Come back, eat, take a nap at the Unperfecthouse, play ping-pong, afterwards go shopping again, put your bags into a locker, and celebrate the end of the day with a glass of great wine - all for just 29€ (or 23€ if you don't want alcohol).

An incredible feeling - your "home in the city" gives you a whole new experience.

... or pay everything individually:

Admission incl. unlimited coffee, tea, soft drinks, water, cocoa, espresso, spritzer,...
Sneak preview (up to 1h)
Normal Admission (up to 5h)

Day-Ticket (allows in & out)

Beer & Wine have to be paid extra (except "Absolute Freedom". Suggestion: Ask strangers if they would like to share a 6-pack of beer or a bottle of wine with you. That saves money and you easily make new friends;-)

All Buffets all-you-can-eat, all the time for which your ticket is good
- all buffets
- only Brotzeitbuffet

Only 1 plate, go to the buffets only once
- only one small plate from the buffets
- only one bigger plate from the buffets

Choice of chocolate

Other (which other restaurant offers this?)
Printout A4 b/w
Printout A4 4c
Printout A3 b/w
Printout A3 4c
Rent an iPad per hour

Souvenirs & Gifts
Give "Absolute Freetom"-voucher as a gift
Abschiedskohle min. 150g


Small kids until 5 years of age do not pay at the Unperfekthaus. Children until the age of 11, Families (1-2 adults with a minimum of 2 kids not older than 16 years, students, handicapped people (min 80%) and recipients of "Hartz4" get a 20% discount on everything of the above.

Unperfecthouse, Reinhard Wiesemann, prop., Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 18, 45127 Essen-City, Tel. +49 201-84735-0 oder 0201-470916-0, Mail: info@unperfekthaus.de, Directions

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