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Our artists' village is ideally suited for birthdays, weddings, company parties,... Here you know exactly in advance how much it will cost. Spending a lot of money and trying to make an impression was yesterday. The Unperfecthaus embodies openness and generosity.

Undisturbed room, technology, unlimited coffee, tea, soft drinks, water, espresso, cocoa, beer, wine (except for minors and the inebriated),

If you bring your own food, per person


If we provide an great buffet, per person

starting at 30.00€

If you'd like a very special buffet, per person.

starting at 45.00€

Your choice of exemplary buffets
Bring your own beverages or we offer economical all-inclusives

Tips: Get some advice here, or choose an artist yourself, hire our Childrens Culture Workshop, or try an Un-Event. For great Off-Trade Show-Events the entire 4000 sqm / 44000 sqft Unperfecthouse can also be rented (Messe-Essen is just 8 minutes away).

We're not a gilded lily...: In the Unperfecthaus it can happen that plates, glasses etc. don't always match. You go yourself to the beverage bars, coffee of tea stations, and most people ask their friends or colleagues if they can bring something back. For large events we distribute buffet tables throughout the building, so that people move around and simply run into each other at various places. Everything runs beautifully, and we have a great deal of experience, but we're not comparable to the high-class, stylish venues that offer a completely different level of service. We even ask you to bring plates and glasses back. And we are aware that not every company wants to be associated with “unperfect.” But we do believe that in almost every case it's good to leave behind the unapproachable, high-gloss image once in a while and show your open, more human side. Of course there are people who see things differently, and we don't claim that our point of view has to be the correct one. Information about company parties: Max. 2 parties per year costing max. 110€ per employee incl. sales tax is tax deductible. Check with your tax advisor. See also here....

Thanks to ro'shan for the unperfekt-song, to Thomas Klein for parts of the film material, Wolfgang Golz for some of the illustrations and Markus Meier for the logo and graphics.

Unperfecthouse, Reinhard Wiesemann, Prop., Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 18, 45127 Essen-City, Tel. 0201-84735-0 oder 0201-470916-0, Mail: info@unperfekthaus.de, Directions

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