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Doing requires Diversity!

Too many professionals all believed in the same financial mathematics thought model and bet entire banks on it. Even in other fields scientific theories are often posited with a self-assurance that smacks of religious belief. We're too sure of ourselves and put all our eggs in one basket!

Experts in all fields should recognise that what they think today is really no more than an imperfect intermediate step. It's been said that the only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look good. Physicians aren't sure even after annual checkups which illnesses will appear. True experts realise how imperfect today's methods are, which is precisely the reason why researchers take a variety of approaches! The current financial crisis shows how dangerous it is when a few opinion makers cause a few mainstream approaches to be applied on a large scale or are codified in laws and standards that affect us all.

The Unperfecthaus rejects mono-cultures and is amazingly well accepted. The 2007 Culture Prize, the Senfkorn Prize of the Catholic Church, Innovation Prize of the NiBB (Network of Innovative Citizens), Ambassador of the Ruhr awarded by proRuhrgebiet, Top 10 Attractions of the Merian travel guide,... We give doers from all fields as many free possibilities as we can. But we also plan un-perfection into it all, we ensure that no one is ruined if absolutely convincing plans don't work after all. That's the way it is with innovations. If our society someday decides it no longer wants to try many ideas at the same time, then following the financial crisis we can expect many more crises in many other fields where we're too sure of ourselves and bet everything on one way of thinking.

The Unperfecthaus is a true 4000 m2 world in itself, where many things are tried out independently (!) and in parallel (!). We ourselves don't think it's all great, but that's not the point! We need variety, freedom to try, and no one knows in advance which approaches will turn out successful in the end.

Reinhard Wiesemann, founder of the Unperfecthaus

Support the Unperfecthaus!

A society that believes everything can be planned and controlled will impede innovative companies as well as private citizens in the Unperfecthaus. Now you can do something about it:

  • Company or private sponsors: Our paradise for active people is based on the premise that it is supported by companies and involved private individuals. Become an official supporter of the Unperfecthaus! More...

  • The "unperfekt" campaign: Regardless of whether you want to support the Unperfecthaus yourself. More...

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"Even for you with your high-stepping heel, somewhere there waits a banana peel..."

(Reinhard Mey in his song "Wir sind alle lauter arme kleine Würstchen...")

The Unperfecthaus is many things, not an entity. To this extent the opinion expressed here is not necessarily shared by the many persons who pursue their own projects in the Unperfecthaus. There is no “Unperfecthaus opinion,” and even sponsors of the Haus do so solely to manifest their support of variety and freedom.

Unperfecthouse, Reinhard Wiesemann, Prop., Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 18, 45127 Essen-City, Tel. +49 201-84735-0 oder 0201-470916-0, Mail: info@unperfekthaus.de, Directions

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