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Meeting space, seminars, private dining

It does make a difference where you meet! The surroundings have a huge impact on the atmosphere. Reserve an undisturbed room somewhere in the Unperfecthaus, and experience how freely thoughts and ideas flow in the middle of an artists' village. Even for as few as 2 persons (max. 200).  Beamers, flip charts, WLAN, moderator wall and beverages (even unlimited coffee etc.) are all-inclusive. And the V.A.T. is included as well. In the Unperfecthaus we don't play the hidden cost game – we love clear and simple price structures:

Private room, unlimited coffee, tea, soft drinks, water, espresso, cocoa,..., WLAN, beamer, flip chart, moderator wall

per person

0 to 4h long and 1 small buffet plate


4 to 8h long and 1 large buffet plate


More than 8h long and all-you-can-eat buffets


PDF with detailed info here.

Special event forms for companies

  • Un-Conferences, Un-Events: The event form when many independent, active individuals come together! Here you relinquish control and offer a platform to the doers. Including those from your own company. More...

  • UnPC - "The press conference for the rest of us": A kind of “community press conference,” where the editors remain free to take in what they want. More...

  • Seminars, training courses, employee meetings: With or without overnight accommodations in our artists' village, in one or more rooms, in our 4000 m2 space we have the right room for virtually anything! More...

  • Company parties, customer events: We're not into formal, highbrow events, but if it's openness, impressive atmosphere and life you're looking for, look no further: It's great fun to celebrate in our artists' village! More...

  • Off-trade show: Essen is a trade show city, but sometimes that's far too unused. Invite your customers to “off-trade show” events if they're in Essen because of a trade show anyway. More...

Gifts for customers and employees

Normal gifts don't make much of an impression, and things have become too commonplace. Give the gift of thoughts, have the confidence to hint at convictions and involvement. More...

Fresh ideas for your advertising

The Unperfecthaus as a new instrument for smart advertising departments. It's called “sponsoring,” but in fact it's highly effective advertising! More...

We are the contrast to the perfection that business people have to – understandably – live on a daily basis, but which often takes you down already heavily travelled roads – that is, if you don't break out and off once in a while.

The surroundings make a huge difference.

Not just for parties, also for business meetings, seminars etc. from 2 to 200 persons. The Unperfecthaus is also something very special because you can select from very different rooms. Really different. And not always conventional.

Raum für Vereine, Gruppenraum
Smaller, medium size group meetings, parties

Lounge with 1.8m TV/PC-Monitor

Konferenzraum, Seminarraum, Gruppenraum
Group rooms with PC, WLAN, beamer

Large hall, concerts, addresses

Yogaraum, Gymnastikraum
Sometimes it's good to move

Probebühne, Kleinkunstbühne
Small, cosy room with stage

And much more. We have created a true, small artists' village in 4000 m2, a world that's almost impossible to recreate in normal business surroundings, but which you really should experience once in a while.

Unperfecthouse, Reinhard Wiesemann, Prop., Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 18, 45127 Essen-City, Tel. +49 201-84735-0 oder 0201-470916-0, Mail: info@unperfekthaus.de, Directions

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