Directions to Unperfekthaus
and Speakers' Corner

Unperfekthaus is located right in the center of Essen, just in front of the big mall "Limbecker Platz". It's only a 30 minutes drive for most of the 5.3 million people living in the Ruhr-Metropolis and it's easy to find (just follow the signs "Limbecker Platz"!). The adjacent subway-station »Berliner Platz« is 4 minutes away from Essen central train station (or, you can just walk from the trainstation to Unperfekthaus thru the city).

Here you find maps and other material which can freely use if you print invitations, infos or publish whatever you like about the Unperfekthaus. Don't ask. Just use it. We want to be the most friendly and problemfree location for everybody who wants to become known with his projects or just wants to do parties, seminars, corporate events at the Unperfekthaus.

Here is the easiest version of how to go to Unperfekthaus:

Das UpH ist sehr leicht zu finden"Follow the signs to 'Limbecker Platz' in Essen-City. When you leave the big "Limbecker Platz - Mall" go left and after about 200 feet you stand right in front of Unperfekthaus and Speakers' Corner. If you come by car, you should follow the signs to the 'Weberplatz' parking-garage, because there you can even pick up your car late in the night."

Anfahrtsplan zum UpH
Danke an Markus Meier, der diese frei verwendbare Grafik erstellt hat.


  • Google shows you different views of our surroundings and you can generate individuel driving-directions there.
  • If you can't stay at our WG-Hotel: Here are other hotels close to the Unperfekthaus.

Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 18, 45127 Essen-City
Tel.: 0201 84735-0 oder 0201-470916-0, Mail:

And here are more details...:

Walking from central-trainstation

Leave the station through the »City/Kettwiger Str.« exit and cross the street. Follow "Kettwiger Straße" until you reach the little "Marktkirche" (a small church with a modern blue glass-extension) and there please turn left into "Limbecker Straße" (which is the 2nd street left after "Marktkirche"). Limbecker Straße leads you to the big mall »Limbecker Platz«. Don't go in, but turn right into "Friedrich-Ebert-Straße" and you will see "Unperfekthaus" aber 200feet.

Bus & Subway (EVAG and VRR)

Unperfekthaus is close to »Berliner Platz« station where the following busses and subways stop:

  • U11, U17 und U18 (Subway)
  • 101, 103, 105 und 109 (Tram)
  • 145, 147, 166 und SB16 (Bus)
  • NE10, NE11, NE12 und NE16 (Night-Express)

Coming from the station, you walk through the big mall towards the opposite entrance, leave the mall and turn left.

By car

Just follow the "Limbecker Platz" signs! There are lots of them... ;-)

A42 and A2 Essen north

  • A2 exit Essen/Gladbeck to B224 direction Essen-Zentrum
  • OR A42 exit Essen-Nord into Gladbecker Straße/B224
  • head towards Essen-Zentrum (center)
  • follow Gladbecker Straße
  • turn right at Friedrich-Ebert-Straße
  • make a round at the Berliner Platz- circle
  • and go back into Friedrich-Ebert-Straße
  • turn right immediately after you have passed the mall »Limbecker Platz«

A40 Bochum, Dortmund

  • A40 exit Essen-Zentrum (center)
  • turn right into Bismarckstraße
  • follow Bismarckstraße which leads you into Hindenburgstraße
  • turn right immediately after you have passed the mall »Limbecker Platz«

A40 Mülheim a.d. Ruhr, Duisburg

  • A40 exit Essen-Zentrum (center)
  • turn left into Holsterhauser Straße
  • follow B224/Essen-Zentrum
  • turn left into Friedrichstraße
  • follow Friedrichstraße which leads you into Hans-Böckler-Str.
  • turn right into Altendorfer Straße
  • turn right immediately after you have passed the mall »Limbecker Platz«

A52 Düsseldorf

  • A52 exit Essen-Rüttenscheid
  • go to Norbertstraße heading to B224
  • turn left into Alfedstraße/B224
  • turn right immediately after you have passed the mall »Limbecker Platz«


  • the "Limbecker Platz Mall" has a big parking garage and is right next to Unperfekthaus. But they close early, so you might not want to park there if you want to stay until late in the evening.
  • we recommend the parkinggarage "Weberplatz" because there you can enter until 20:00 hours, but you can pick up your car any time thereafter!
  • also, you can use street-parking, which is free in the evening.

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